Through rough ways to the stars. See Parts Technology expands markets.

SeePartsChinaTripSee Parts Technology company expands markets. Last week a significant event took place not only for See Parts Technology company, but also for the development of auto parts market in general. Representatives of the Russian and Chinese offices (See Parts Beijing and See Parts Russia) visited a number of the largest spare parts factories in China.

The company supplies auto parts around the world and when it appeared in Russia, it claims to play an important role in this market segment. Let’s start with the global picture: car owners seeking to maximize the lifespan of the car without any hurry to buy a new car, therefore the demand for spare parts is becoming higher. But the situation in Russian spare parts industry is that the country has no sufficient number of factories and power to develop a full-scale production, and according to the experts, the product quality is less than ideal. Nevertheless consumers always care about the price and the product quality, especially its reasonable value.

Meanwhile, there are industrial enterprises, setting quality standards, but at the same time having a low cost per unit of output due to mass production. Such enterprises have been chosen as representatives of See Parts Technology company for mutually beneficial cooperation. Employees were interested in companies with all necessary certificates confirming the high level of its products, which are delivered to the global automobile companies. Part of its products is exported to EU countries and the USA.

Besides factories, the representatives of the company See Parts Technology made an official visit to the representative office of the company E-BAY in Shenzhen, province Guangdong. Together with Business Development Manager Ryan Lin they analyzed auto parts sales experience on an electronic platform of the largest automotive markets. During the negotiations there have been identified mutual interests and possibilities of future cooperation for both companies, including international markets of America and Europe. Moreover, have been achieved certain agreements concerning business development.

Generally our staff has visited 7 provinces of China, making a way of over 3000 km. For sure this business trip expands the company’s horizons and is considered to be a significant milestone on its further development and on the whole spare parts market as well.